Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just back in the door from performing at a 6 yr olds birthday party! It was a really fun time. In the off season, or even full busy season, if we get a call for a birthday party show, and we're available, one Cowguy would be more than happy to get out and get your kids rolling around laughing. We generally do a show, then make cool balloons for all the kids, or teach a circus workshop.. total time is usually one hour, great for ages 4 and up.

Highlight from my last show was...

Brian "We'll need a magic word.."
Kid yells out "Abracadabra"
Brian "maybe a different magic word"
older kid "Take off your clothes and run around naked!"

Brian "How about we go with Abracadabra today..."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making your own juggling beanbags!

Another mom just called me up and asked about buying good beanbags in Ottawa - i had a few suggestions, but making your own is an option too! Check the link on how to make your own juggling beanbags. You can use rice, beans, or even sand.

Keep in mind to size the balls to fit whoever is juggling. I have giant hands, so i like a big beanbag. Kids have smaller hands, and they need smaller beanbags.. size appropriately!

Mayfair Shows

Thanks to everyone who offered us support for our Mayfair shows this past winter. That includes audiences that came out, Make a Wish Foundation of Eastern Canada, and all of our sponsors who supported us. And of course the Mayfair Theatre.

We are taking a sabbatical from putting on our theatre shows.. Nick and I both being at least part-time stay at home Dads, and both having other work commitments, we found it too much work to produce and promote the shows (as well as starring in them).

We are currently looking for partners who are interested in booking or promoting our act into theatres. Please contact us for more info. We are currently working with footage shot at our shows, and cutting together a groovy promo reel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cowguys and Crush Improv - live at the Mayfair!

Coming soon - February 26th - Saturday - 1pm. Crush Improv and The Cowguys present a comedy double bill at the Mayfair.

Family Audiences are welcome - Must have a sense of humour. Or we'll ask you to leave.

Wrap up from Great escape.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Great Escape show. As it turns out, we didn't quite get the turnout we hoped for. Probably because it was -38C outside, and the Weather people were issueing a deep cold warning, saying if you don't have to go outside don't! (That never helps when you're trying to get a theatre full of people together)

Fortunately we had some great partners on the show - many great sponsors who took out an ad in our program, (in no particular order), Angela Thomson Realtor, Allegra Printing, Barley Mow Pud, Dr Kaboom's mini mobile circus, Ottawa Folklore Centre, the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, and Knock on Wood Communications and Events. Even the Mayfair worked with us on the event.. Thanks again for all of your support.

We also shot video of our 1pm show - we will be cutting together a new promo reel - that should be out soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cowguys at the Mayfair

The Cowguys are getting ready for our upcoming theatre show at the Mayfair next week. Sunday January 23rd, Nick and I will be presenting 80-90 minutes of hilarity - some new antics, lots of laughs, and our new Harry Houdini style escape act. Shows at 1pm, and 8:30pm.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Passing Clubs around Jon Dore

Here's a shot from the Ottawa Festivals Launch a few years back of us passing clubs around Jon Dore. Jon wasn't having as much fun as he usually does on stage.

Funny story - Brian went to high school with John. Actually it's not a funny story.