Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting ready for the summer.

The Cowguys are getting ready for the summer.

Nick and I are building a new set for the show, that will double as a prop stand and a big illusion. it will add an element of height, be a big prop for us to play with in the show, and be a big finale - all rolled into one.

Our first big event is the Canadian Tulip Festival - with the Buskers in the Tulips Program (run by us at Orbital Talent). I'm excited about the lineup - its up at


Reading over an older post... I was lucky enough to see Corteo twice!

With our contract I arranged for all of the artists that we had out (with Orbital Talent) to get a ticket to see the show. Half of the group was flying over to China for the Nanjing Euro American Clown Carnival (also booked by Orbital Talent!) within 24 hours of the Corteo opening. So the half that didn't go to China saw the show pretty early in the run, the second group saw it a few weeks later.

AS it turned out, one of our artists' girlfriend already bought him a ticket, so I was instructed to give it to someone else. With the numbers of people going to the show, and I was left holding a ticket to the show, 5 minutes before it started with no other plans on that night.

The show is my favorite Cirque du Soleil Show. The characters aren't completely other-worldly. Make up is generally simple, characters are very real and human. And the stunts.. Well the freestanding ladder performer was AMAZING. The aesthetic of the show is that of an Italian wedding - amazing set, in the round. Little people flying through the air on giant balloons! The show is like a dream.. especially looking back.