Thursday, September 17, 2009

Canada Retirement event - Photo / article.

We performed this past weekend at an event for Canada Retirement. Great event - I really loved watching young guys who run the business hugging and kissing all of the old ladies.

Here's an interesting shot from the Ottawa Citizen. I was on stilts, had this little girl sit on my lap with her family. Check out my new adopted family! They haven't called back since the gig though ...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Just finished day two of Ottawa Buskers. So far the media has been good to us with photographers out from The Ottawa Sun and 24 (a local daily) at our first show. Both had photos that made print! ( I still have to see them....)

Last night we were gearing up for a big show at 8:30pm on a good pitch. About 10 minutes into our show the sky opened up into torrential downpour. The crowd got shelter under two banks (on either side of Sparks St) and we just kept doing our show in the rain. After we were done and hatted, Nick piped up and did a 10 minute long singing and dancing version of "Singing in the rain" as well as a camp version of the same song. It was really funny - I was trying to get our equipment into shelter - he was having a wail of a time.

This reinforces one of the reasons we perform (we love it, it's a living, our job, and it gets us out of the house on the weekends.)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saint John Busker Fest

Just back from the Saint John Busker Fest 2009. Saw some old friends, made some new ones. Also had a real adventure driving home from Saint John following the festival.

We opted to leave at 6am - given the time change, we figured that we'd be home in Ottawa 5-6pm our time. Cowguys (Nick and Brian) and Statue Kate (aka Kate Awesome) were in the Cowavan. On arrival in Saint John Kate came down with a fever - and was still rather sickly on our drive home. (Thanks for not throwing up on us on the way home Kate!) Unfortunately in packing up the Sunday night, we realized that the back trunk latch was broken, and we had a van full of circus gear and luggage. Sunday morning we all rose early, tied the back van latch shut and hit the road.

We rolled onto the highway, following the ramp and signs that read "Fredericton, St Stephens.." After some 30 minutes Nick started to get a little concerned that we weren't seeing any more directional signs for Fredericton. I quelled his fears by saying - we're on a 4 lane highway - I'm sure it's the transcanada. After turning on my Iphone and determined that, we were in fact on the way to Maine.

We wanted to make good time - get home see the families. So Nick Cracked open a map and worked out a good shortcut.

Nick was staring at the map for a good 20 minutes - he piped up, I've found an even better route, this one shaves off even more time, lets take this road. Unfortunately Nick didn't realize that the broken dotted gray line on the map was a gravel road. We came to learn this was not just a gravel road, but a pothole laden, gravel / mud / dirt / washed out loggin road.

After some 20 minutes of hitting potholes, swerving to avoid potholes, and seeing forest (no houses or other cars) we were starting to wonder if we were going to make it out of this random New Brunswick logging road alive. Kate piped up from the back "Guys, if we survive this, I'm totally buying the next Timmies." Our cell service was out (no GPS), and we were passing two forks in the road. I wondered, "are we going in the right direction? What happens if we break down?"

Kate was chalking the whole experience up to "fever dreams." She was trying to twitter about the whole experience, but no cell service...

The Cowavan pulled up to about 60 ft of washed out road. I stopped the van. Eyeballed the water, and figured "we're not driving back on that road for 30 more minutes" and put my foot on the gas. Water splashed up 6ft on either side of the van as we cascaded through the water. Too add to the "local colour", and to keep our spirits up, we'd randomly turned the radio on. Our worries were now consoled by Christian Rock - power ballads.

Finally we regained cell service, and we could see civilization on our Iphone GPS. When we finally cleared some trees and saw the first rusted out trailer of civilization in Cavendish, NB - we were ecstatic!

Kate did buy Timmies, it was delicious. We ended up making great time home, but vowed for the rest of the trip "No more shortcuts."

Cowapalooza video - finally!

Here's a peek at the Cowguys back up dancing for the Spice Girl cover band
at Cowapalooza 2008. We're excited to be heading back to Cowapalooza 2009! Maybe we'll get a highlight video up this year.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting ready for the summer.

The Cowguys are getting ready for the summer.

Nick and I are building a new set for the show, that will double as a prop stand and a big illusion. it will add an element of height, be a big prop for us to play with in the show, and be a big finale - all rolled into one.

Our first big event is the Canadian Tulip Festival - with the Buskers in the Tulips Program (run by us at Orbital Talent). I'm excited about the lineup - its up at


Reading over an older post... I was lucky enough to see Corteo twice!

With our contract I arranged for all of the artists that we had out (with Orbital Talent) to get a ticket to see the show. Half of the group was flying over to China for the Nanjing Euro American Clown Carnival (also booked by Orbital Talent!) within 24 hours of the Corteo opening. So the half that didn't go to China saw the show pretty early in the run, the second group saw it a few weeks later.

AS it turned out, one of our artists' girlfriend already bought him a ticket, so I was instructed to give it to someone else. With the numbers of people going to the show, and I was left holding a ticket to the show, 5 minutes before it started with no other plans on that night.

The show is my favorite Cirque du Soleil Show. The characters aren't completely other-worldly. Make up is generally simple, characters are very real and human. And the stunts.. Well the freestanding ladder performer was AMAZING. The aesthetic of the show is that of an Italian wedding - amazing set, in the round. Little people flying through the air on giant balloons! The show is like a dream.. especially looking back.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An udder Winterlude

Nick and I performed today at the opening day of 2009's Winterlude. We were hired for entertainment of the crowds at the Enbridge Pancake breakfast, and down on the canal for the crew at the Westjet rest stop.

What a great day! We were sporting ref costumes, and the new Udder helmets. Kids gave us funny looks all day, we were fighting off people playing with the teets all day. I even had one guy tell me "Nice f***ing touque!" Did some shows with fire entertained the masses, and even squeezed in a 10 k skate on the canal!

An udder amazing day at Winterlude. Some shots were snapped by an online mag of some of our antics - we'll link up soon.