Sunday, October 28, 2007

More White Pants!

We finished up another gig for Telus where we helped open up the new Telus House (their new headquarters on Bank St.) This time with stilts, white pants, and giving away 1000 light up bouncy balls.

I'm using the white pants for my Halloween costume - the ghost of Marcel Marceau. On Halloween I'm planning on miming giving the kids candy. I'm also planning on videoing it.. should be a riot.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Cowguys Now with WHITE PANTS!

We're doing some custom work for Telus at the upcoming GTEC conference (Goverment Technology), and they requested us to be wearing bright green Telus shirts, and white pants. So we got some.. Hence The Cowguys Now with WHITE PANTS! Photos to follow.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Crew - Old Home Week 2007

Wicked. Unfortunately they didn't leave their costumes out, or we would've dressed up like Bobs and Lolo. Here's a photo of The Cowguys, Bobs and Lolo and our amazing sound guy / security Chris Knox. Never underestimate the importance to have security at the Children's stage.

Cowgirls part 2

Hi Cow Guys,

We are super fans and just love your show! It makes us want to shout out a big YEEEHAW!

Have you ever considered female cow-terparts?? Check out the attached pics for some fresh ideas...they're mooooovelous:)

Moo-ingly yours,

Bobs & Lolo


It's the Friday before the end of Old Home Week. We've been having a great time in PEI, and are sharing a stage and a green room with Bobs and Lolo (a great children's musical act.)

Now i say sharing a green room - in this case it means that they come in before we arrive, set up their stage, and empty the room of all of their belongings. They then come back into the room after their last show of the day with one giant bag that houses their backdrop and props. They are uber organized.

Meanwhile, Nick and I have settled in. We're occupying exactly half of the locker room (it's a hockey change room.) We have 3 or 4 clean costumes each hanging up on the wall, with a costume piece on each hook (Might as well use as many hooks as we can.) We have our props, extra props, tools, stilts, snacks, stilt costuming, sound equipment. Needless to say our half of the room is full and we've settled in. Nick and I hang out in between shifts and shows in the green room. We warm up there, change, prep for shows. Looking at the room you can tell... we are not uber organized.

It's Saturday morning and Nick and I and the families have had a great breakfast at Cora's in downtown Charlottetown. We're strolling to the site and we bump into Lolo's Mom. She says a quick "Hello" and promptly asks if we've checked our emails yet today. This sets off my radar which goes "What did we do?."

We head back to the green room, and I check my email on my handheld.. this is what we recieved.