Sunday, December 21, 2008

Udder Helmets are READY!

So we recently ordered some Udder Helmets from our friend Matt Ficner. They are ready! And we recently performed with one at the 2 year anniversary of the ISME cabaret. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the lovely and hilarious Annie Lefebrve, she was so great onstage, that we didn't really get a chance to get the udder comedy we were hoping too. Lovely working with you Annie!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas shows! + udder saftey helmets

The Cowguys are busy performing our one and two man Cowguys shows at many company Christmas parties this December.

The Cowguys are excited to announce, that within a week we will be the proud owners of Latex Udder Safety Helmets. A few months ago we met with designer Matt Ficner to talk about a set. One of the crazy ideas that came out of out meeting was udder safety helmets. We've already written a pile of really funny jokes, have a few spots in the show for them, and well, they are going to be a big pile of fun in the show. We can't wait to get them, although they are taking longer than expected to cure.

custom cowguy prop case $200
black pants with cow stripe $45
Latex Udder saftey helmet - priceless

The universe is giving us udder helmets for Christmas. We're delighted. Our crowds will be too. Thanks Matt! At his studio Nick had the quote "This is where ideas come to life". Creativity is indeed key.