Saturday, August 1, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Just finished day two of Ottawa Buskers. So far the media has been good to us with photographers out from The Ottawa Sun and 24 (a local daily) at our first show. Both had photos that made print! ( I still have to see them....)

Last night we were gearing up for a big show at 8:30pm on a good pitch. About 10 minutes into our show the sky opened up into torrential downpour. The crowd got shelter under two banks (on either side of Sparks St) and we just kept doing our show in the rain. After we were done and hatted, Nick piped up and did a 10 minute long singing and dancing version of "Singing in the rain" as well as a camp version of the same song. It was really funny - I was trying to get our equipment into shelter - he was having a wail of a time.

This reinforces one of the reasons we perform (we love it, it's a living, our job, and it gets us out of the house on the weekends.)