Friday, October 3, 2008


This summer we had Cowguys all over the Country. While Jon was on the east coast performing in Charlottetown, PEI at Old Home Week, Nick and Bri where rocking out at Cowapalooza.

Cowapalooza is a community festival in Woodstock Ontario that is Cow-themed. If you take the capital letters in City Of Woodstock, they spell C-O-W. The milk industry is also pretty big in the area, so the City ran with it, and now puts on Cowapalooza. Being the Cowguys - this is our dream gig! It's our Woodstock in Woodstock.

Nick and I had a few shows that afternoon on the community stage which were very well received. We then did an hour warm-up show for the main stage and ended up playing for 5000 people. It was brilliant being rockstars! After our set we journeyed over to the beer tent to find some post show refreshements. We bumped into the Spice Girls tribute band who were getting ready for their set. Somehow they talked us into doing some backup dancing for their set - and its now on Youtube!

Click here to see the Cowguys dancing like Spice Girls